Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 6 on 125 mgs Iodoral

Things were going quite well with my increase of Iodoral from 100 to 125 mgs until today. I was in my kitchen cutting up vegetables for dinner when all of the sudden I started to feel very anxious. I was baffled as to why this was happening since there was nothing for me to anxious about. Then it hit me. I have been on 125 mgs of Iodoral for 6 days. The last time I increased from 50 to 100 mgs it took 8 days for me to feel its effects. This time was shorter. It has to be the bromide coming out again. It makes me wonder exactly how toxic am I? I have been supplementing with what is considered to be very high doses of Iodine since 3/2006 (2 yrs 5 mos). I also noticed that I have a metallic taste.

Many websites will tell you that what I am experiencing is Iodism or an allergy to iodine however, this is obviously not the case since I have been taking iodine without issues for literally years. If you google bromide toxicity symptoms you will find that they mirror what is considered iodine toxicity. For me, I am lucky to have a doctor that tests my bromide levels when we check my iodine saturation level and I am still pumping out large amounts of bromide. It really gives me a window into one of the reasons why I probably got thyroid cancer. Between the bromide, mercury and low nutrient levels in my diet and stress of my job I was destined for it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Increasing Iodoral Dosage Again to 125 mgs

I am on day 2 of 125 mgs of Iodoral / day. The decision was made to increase to this level from 100 mgs due to my continued large levels of bromide being dumped. Bromide is so toxic that it needs to come out! I started on 100 mgs in November last year and felt good until I hit day 8 and then I experienced some bad detox symptoms. Panic attacks, depression, fatigue, joint aches, abnormal menstruation and more. It was very hard and lasted for 5 weeks. I had to take it for 6 days and then take a day off. I am hoping that does not happen this time.

Here are my Iodine Loading Test results:

July 2008
Iodine Excreted 53%
Bromide Excreted 28.6 mgs/24 hr

Dosage history:
50 mgs March 06 - Sept '06
75 mgs Oct 06 - Nov 06
50 mgs Dec 06 - Mid Oct 07
100 mgs Mid Oct 07 - Mid Feb 08
Took a break from iodine from mid March 08 - end of April 08 for a detox protocol (off all supplements)
100 mgs April 08 - July 08
Currently on 100 mgs

Here are my past results:

November 2007
Iodine Excreted 66%
Bromide Excreted 34 mgs/24 hrs

Dosage history:
50 mgs March 06 - Sept '06
75 mgs Oct 06 - Nov 06
50 mgs Dec 06 - Mid Oct 07
100 mgs Mid Oct 07 - Mid Nov '07

August 2006
Iodine Excreted 60%
No Bromide done

Dosage History: I took 50 mgs Iodoral from March '06 to the time I took the test.

I am feeling great. My husband and I just returned from a 9 day trip to Alaska. It is wonderful to have a life again.

Here we are.

Just for grins I decided to get out a copy of the picture from our last cruise almost 10 years ago to the month. I was amazed at how much I have changed since then. I had not been diagnosed with cancer yet nor had I had my first child. My life was to change a whole lot after this. But you can see signs of the issues already in this photo.

I will try to keep up with my blog as I continue with the increased dose of Iodoral and retest my iodine and bromide levels.

Until next time....................

To your continued improvement in your health!


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