Thursday, October 23, 2008

Detoxing, Detoxing........

I am still struggling with my latest increase from 100 to 125 mgs of Iodoral. I know it is due to detoxing. I am experiencing fatigue, weight gain, aching joints and headaches. To relieve the headaches I can take 1/2 tsp Celtic Salt in 4 oz OJ and within 1/2 hour it is gone. The rest of my symptoms are harder to deal with. I find myself not taking iodoral at all every few days just to give my body a break. It makes me wonder. What on earth am I detoxing and how much? We know that iodine moves, bromide, chloride, fluoride, mercury and lead out of the body.

I do have an interesting observation to share. A week ago I was drying off after my shower and went to put my bra on. I noticed that there were gray circles in the middle of the cups where my nipples would rest. How weird I thought. So I got out another clean bra from my drawer that was also white. What do you know? It had the same gray circles in it. I must be detoxing something from my breasts. I have not had this before. I do have a grayish paste that I can scrape off my chest on my breast bone - is this bromide? I have no idea. I am thankful whatever it is, is coming out.

I will schedule my thermography in the next week or so and am eager to see if there have been any changes. I have lost 2 of the 3 fibrous masses in my breast through iodine supplementation. Let's hope that the 3rd is gone. It was smaller last year.

I don't think we quite understand the level of exposure to toxins we are receiving on a daily basis. I know I had no idea that I was this bad and I work hard to stay clean. I cannot imagine how bad someone would be who does not concern themselves detoxing. It seems they are a ticking time bomb of ill health. We are in for a health care crisis in the future I believe. It makes me sad becuase it does not have to happen.

So that's my update. I will continue on 125 mgs and then retest with a loading / bromide level test the end of October.

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