Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thyroid Cancer - Working with a Naturopath to Detox

On November 3rd, 2004 I called his office to make an appointment. I had an appointment for December 2 (picture of my first appointment above). Four weeks seemed like an eternity! They had me fill out a health questionnaire online before arriving. He used Metagenics testing to determine the supplements I would need. At my first appointment we sat down and discussed the results of the test. They discussed the symptoms I was complaining about. This is a list of my symptoms:

Achy Muscles
Brain Fog
Joint Pain
Slow Hair Growth
Slow Nail Growth
Gastrointestinal pain
Mood swings
Irregular Periods
Intolerance to Noise
Low Stamina
Feeling Cold
Cold Hands & Feet
Sleep Disturbances
Dry Hair
Dry Skin
Need for Naps
Inability to Concentrate
Carpal Tunnel
Varicose Veins
Chronic Athletes Foot
Yeast Infections
Brown Facial Spots

The list was long and pathetic and no doctor would listen to me and take me serious until I met this doctor. They did a full exam and found that my liver was so toxic it was bulging out of my rib cage. They listened to my intestines and could hear yeast. I was overweight – I am 5’7” and weighed 173 lbs. I was instructed to come back in a few days to get their “findings” and hear what they recommended.

I returned to their office a few days later and we met in a conference room once again. They told me that I had a toxic liver and also yeast in my intestines. Their recommendation was to start on a program called Metagenics UltraClear Plus. It was a 28 day detoxification program. I would eliminate all gluten, sugar and high glycemic index foods. I would slowly eliminate foods until in the 2nd week I would eat only fruits and vegetables. Then I would begin to add back foods. They also told me that I was very dehydrated. I was never one to drink much water. I drank mostly coffee and Coca Cola. Water just never tasted good to me and in some cases made me gag. It had to be very cold for me to drink it. They asked if I wanted to postpone the start of the treatment given the holidays and I said “No!” . I was tired of feeling poorly and wanted to feel better sooner rather than later. It was only food and my health was more important.

So I began the program. I had to drink the shakes and slowly increase them as I decreased foods. It was hard giving up the carbohydrates and also the caffeine because I was so tired that I depended on that boost. About three weeks into the detox I got a bad upper respiratory issue. Bronchitis set in and then I got a yeast infection. I had read that this was normal for detoxing. The toxins must come out! I made it through and felt better than I had in years but then I started to feel worse again. I have no idea to this day why my body does this but it seems that when I correct one thing another rears its ugly head.

So over the next few months I continued to drink 75-85 oz of water in an effort to try to get hydrated. I exercised 3-4 times a week by using the ball and treadmill. Some days it was extremely hard to do this but I kept trying to get it done despite how I felt because I knew it was good for me. I did feel better than I had in a while so I figured it would just take time.

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