Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eye Appointment Improvements

I have not been to the eye doctor in about 2 years. It seems that it is just one more thing to put into an already packed schedule and after years of having several doctors appointments per week I resist making more now that I am well. But my contacts were drying out and my eye sight seemed to be worse when wearing them so I sought a new doctor because our insurance had changed - yet again.

I found a doctor and scheduled an appointment. He did the exam and then asked me if I knew what my previous prescription had been. I told him that the left eye was -.75 and the right eye was -1.25. He smiled and said well your eyes have improved. They are both -.50 so you are over correcting. YEAH!!! I thought my eyes were getting worse but they weren't. It was the contacts being the wrong prescription that made things worse.

Once I was home I began to contemplate what I had changed since my last appointment. There were two things. Well actually three.
  1. I had removed my amalgam fills and chelated the mercury out.
  2. I had increased my Iodoral from 50 mgs to 125 mgs
  3. I had begun to take 25,000 iU Vit A (Kroeger Sunny A)

Knowing that Vit A was important to the eyes I began to wonder about the iodine. Well guess what? Iodine is concentrated in the ciliary body of the eye.

So I looked for what the ciliary body did:

One function of the ciliary body is the production of aqueous humor, the clear fluid that fills the front of the eye. It also controls accommodation by changing the shape of the crystalline lens. When the ciliary body contracts, the zonules relax. This allows the lens to thicken, increasing the eye's ability to focus up close. When looking at a distant object, the ciliary body relaxes, causing the zonules to contract. The lens becomes thinner, adjusting the eye's focus for distance vision.

It appears that not only is Iodoral saving my life from thyroid cancer but it is also improving my eyesight. I love this stuff!!

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