Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thyroid Cancer - More Labs!

On April 25, 2006 I had more labs run to check my thyroid numbers. As I continued to have fatigue it was time to see what was going on. I was on 3 ½ grains of Armour at this point. When the labs came back this is what my levels were:

TSH .02
FT3 421 (230-420)
FT4 1.2 (.8 -1.8)
Tg 19

My Tg was starting to come down. It was 23.3 on 3/23/06 so this was a good sign. We decided to increase my Armour to 4 grains to see if I could get over my hypothyroid symptoms. We also got the results of my 24 hour urine test to check my adrenals. Dr. Brownstein recommended that I add Cytozyme AD and Rhodiola Forte to my supplements to support my adrenals.

We discussed having my amalgams removed. I had visited a holistic dentist on 3/29/06 to discuss the safe removal of my 11 amalgam fillings and my root canal tooth.

My Final Post ..... The Ending of a Journey

It is a very strange feeling to be writing this post.  It will be the last update that I post to this blog.  The blog itself will remain up ...