Friday, May 11, 2007

Thyroid Cancer - My phone consultation with Dr. B

March 20th was my phone consultation with Dr. B. I was so eager to learn what the outcome of the 15 vials of blood would tell us. My appointment was scheduled for 8 am. I was to call into a special number and then would be connect with the doctor.

I had asked for the results prior to our phone call so that I could review them and also let my naturopathic doctor review them and have questions prior to my call. I could tell a few of the areas of concern because he had circled them.

I felt uneasy talking to Dr. B. His responses to my questions were short and kind of cryptic. That is hard for me. I am an outgoing and talkative person so those that are reserved put me on edge and I wonder what I did or said that may have made them upset with me.

I was definitely out of my comfort zone with this doctor. I figured it would take some time for him to get to know me and me him. It is so hard switching to yet another doctor when you feel so sick. I think it also makes you over sensitive about things as well.

We went over each test item and he allowed me to ask questions. He then explained what he was going to give me to take for each issue. I felt like I was pulling teeth at times to understand what was happening. Maybe it was the brain fog too.

The main issues were:

Low Iron
High Fasting Glucose
No Iodine detected
Low hormones
Low Vit D

I was told to take supplemental DHEA, Pregnenolone, Buffered C, Vit D, Iodoral (iodine / iodide combination) and Iron. I was also given a prescription for a progesterone / testosterone cream from a compounding pharmacy.

He ordered another fasting test to check my insulin & glucose levels. Oh joy I get to go drink that orange "goo". For someone that doesn't eat much sugar it is sickeningly sweet.

So there it was. The beginning of my new protocol. Why, I wondered, didn't anyone ever look at me as a whole person before? It seems insane that so many Dr's had seen me and blasted me with RAI over and over never looking and how my body was doing. When I complained of an issue, along came another drug to "fix" it. I believe that your body can heal with God's help when given the right building blocks. It was just a matter of figuring it all out and that is where a good holistic doctor is invaluable!

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