Sunday, September 02, 2007

Gut Pain So Off For an Ultrasound.

In August we decided to do an Iodine Loading test to check my saturation levels. This required that I take a 50 mg tablet of Iodoral in the morning and then collect my urine for 24 hours subsequent to this. When my results returned I was at a 66% saturation. The goal is to reach 90% so I still had a ways to go but I was making progress.

I continued on the chelation protocol until October 23, 2006. On this day I experienced the worst pain in my abdominal area. The pain was on both sides of my body over where my ovaries were. I had not had a menstrual cycle since April or May so I had no idea if it was related to anything. I contacted Dr. B and asked him for advice. He suggested that I have a pelvic ultrasound. So on October 26 I was scheduled for the test.

This ultrasound definitely did not hold the excitement that my previous two had when expecting my children. The technician was very nice and allowed me to view the images she was taking. I had both a vaginal and an external ultrasound. She was able to view both ovaries. Neither showed cysts or any form of abnormalities. This was incredible because just a few months earlier my right ovary had a cyst that was so large that my naturopath could feel it through my abdomen. The results were good and bad news. The good news was that there was nothing seriously wrong. The bad news was that we did not know what was causing the pain.

Dr. B thought that since one of the follicles was enlarged that I may have been ovulating and that this was the reason for the pain. He suggested that I increase my Iodoral dosage from 50 mgs to 75 mgs to see if increased saturation levels would help with the pain. I was having some intestinal upset so we also decided to discontinue the chelation to give my gut a break.

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