Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mercury Vapor & Zeolite

On November 29 I was feeling achy in my muscles and joints and had been since the previous week. I had no idea if it was related to low thyroid or metal toxicity. It was so frustrating dealing with this all the time. It seemed so complex. Which was it? The chelation got rid of the pain behind my eyes but it seems that when I would chelate I would require more thyroid hormone. I wondered if this was what was happening again. I decided to try adding ¼ grain that I had stopped. I had issues preivously with my BP being at 142/80 and 130/78. Then my BP went down to 110/70 two weeks ago.

I had gone to the dentist the previous day. Normally I loaded up on selenium and take my DMSA but this time I forgot to take it. My dentist looked at me while I was having my consultation with him and he asked what was wrong with my left eye. I didn’t tell him anything about my eye being the one that had been bothering me with pain and visual disturbances. I asked him what he meant. He said that my left eye was “smaller” than the other eye. Now this was just weird to me. My left eye had been giving me issues and now my dentist could see it! He got up and handed me a bottle and he said that almost immediately my eye looked better. Just from holding it! He muscle tested me and my arm was very strong while holding the bottle but weakened when I did not.

I asked him what it was that he had given me. It was something called “Natural Cellular Defense”. It was Zeolite. He instructed me to place a few drops under my tongue. I did and almost immediately felt a burning on my tongue. I was in his office for over 1 hour which normally causes issues for me when I did not take my chelation protocol to “protect” myself from the exposure to the mercury vapor in the air. My dentist is a mercury free dentist but some of his patients still have amalgam fillings and that causes vapor in the office. I was extremely sensitive to mercury after having my amalgams removed in May / June of that year.
As that evening wore on I kept waiting for the swollen tongue. It never happened. I never got it the next day either. I was intrigued by this product. The website for this product is

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