Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mercury Again X2

I was feeling better than I had in years and it felt so good. I was able to enjoy my family and do things with them. I continued to do well until late September when I returned to my dentist for a check up and cleaning. A few days after my visit my tongue swelled up so much that I could hardly keep it in my mouth. I told Dr. Brownstein that I felt like a puppy with my tongue hanging out. He believed that I had been affected by some form of bacterial infection so he sent some supplements to me overnight because I was leaving for Oregon in just 2 days. He suggested that I try taking Citricidal (grapefruit seed extract) and ADP (Biotics) which would both act as natural antibiotics. We did not want to add any prescriptions that would further stress my body out because I was still chelating as well.

I traveled to Oregon for 4 days and did quite well. The swollen tongue did not subside for several weeks. I had stopped the chelation while I was gone on vacation. I began to take the Heavy Detox a few weeks after I returned. It was only a matter of a day or two and my swollen tongue was gone. This made me suspect of the cause of it. Shortly after my son had an appointment at the dentist and when I returned home, later that evening my tongue swelled up once again. It was then that I determined that I must be reacting to the “mercury dust” in the office. Even though my dentist did not used mercury amalgams in his practice, patients that he saw had them in their mouth and when cleaned or worked on created vapor in the air. I had become extremely sensitive to mercury.

A week later my husband was replacing a fluorescent bulb in our laundry room when it broke. I had no idea that he had done this because he left for work before I got up. I spent some time preparing breakfast but felt funny. My head felt light and I began to have a feeling of a panic attack. I wondered where this feeling was coming from. It was a little later that my husband called home to tell me what had happened. It was then that the bells went off in my head. MERCURY! Fluorescent bulbs are filled with it. So I removed all the rugs from the laundry room and placed them on the back deck. I opened the doors and allowed the ventilation to push the remaining vapors out of the house. Just how toxic is this stuff I wondered? Why do we continue to use it in so many things when it is a known neuro-toxin? After taking some chelation and detoxification products the panic attack stopped.

My Final Post ..... The Ending of a Journey

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