Saturday, June 27, 2009

A little over 9 years later.....

I had my 6 mos check up with Dr. B last Tuesday. I no longer look forward to my check ups with fear and trepidation of what the lab tests will reveal. I know I am healthy and strong..... I can feel it.

Dr. B quickly looked over my labs as we entered the room (a little snafu in the lab made them not arrive before our appointment). He scanned them and said that he had never seen them look more balanced and my immune system looked very strong. My Tg was even down. It had been 13.7 in December and now it is 10.3. I am thrilled as there has been no RAI treatments for 4 years now as of May 23rd. Thank God (literally) I walked away from my endocrinologist when my Tg rose for the 3rd time and he recommended beginning to think about External Beam Radiation. I had a feeling to my very core that this was not the answer.

So today someone asked me what I think contributed to my healing without traditional treatment. This made me think about it. So I thought I would share. My glucose levels were also down from 101 (fasting) 3 years ago to 85 now. No more insulin resistance. Which leads me to my list.......

1) Gluten Free - I read a great book called Dangerous Grains which made a very good case for the connection of cancers to gluten. It also linked autoimmune thyroid disease to it. I am sure this is something I had because I had antibodies (Tg Ab) when diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

2) Limit Sugars / No HFCS - I do not eat sugar for the most part. Every once in a while I will have a gluten free cookie but even then I make some with stevia, agave and honey.

3) Eating Organic - I eat as much as I can find and afford that is organic and locally grown / raised. The chemicals and hormones are very bad for our bodies.

4) Balanced Sex Hormones (BHrt) / Balanced Vitamin & Mineral Levels - Your body is a machine that needs the right things going in at the proper balance to keep it running. Just think how your car runs when a spark plug goes bad. Not well. So how do we expect our body to run well with toxic chemicals and low nutrient foods. It stresses our body and makes us age faster - this stresses the adrenals which tanks the hormones..... and so it goes.

5) Detox, Detox, Detox - I have lost 30 lbs and this has caused a lot of toxins stored in my fat cells to be released. It was a huge relief to my body to eliminate this burden of weight and waste. I have pampered my liver with Metagenics Ultra Clear Plus and Dandelion Root Extract. I also take high doses of Iodine (Iodoral) which helps to push the toxic halides like bromide out of my body. Three years ago I removed my mercury filled amalgam fillings and chelated to remove the mercury from the tissues.

This is what I believe are my five steps to health. It really isn't that hard but it takes time, preparation and thought to accomplish it. But I am here to tell you that it feels so wonderful to be well.

To your health......


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